55% Cabernet Sauvignon - 43% Shiraz - 2% Chenin Blanc
    McLaren Vale, Australia
  • SIZE
    50% Stainless Steel - 50% aged 12 months in French barrique (20% new)
    2,500 cases

Caution: The story below may seem completely contrived, but it is true and further gives meaning to the uniqueness of Australia. The year was 1984 and while the Soviet Union was boycotting the Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles and the first Apple Macintosh Computer goes on sale, a nomadic tribe called the Pintupi people were still wandering in the desert west of Alice Springs with no idea that white settlers had found their way to Australia over 200 years earlier. Nine remaining members of the ancient tribe were discovered living with nothing resembling the modern world. 

How does this relate to wine? The viticultural history of Australia is not indigenous and was brought by European settlers in the mid-19th century. It was the conversion of ancient lands with contemporary systems that brought global notoriety to Australia as a world-class wine country. Today, winemakers and vignerons alike have a foot in 21st century techniques with the other in the classic and traditional, preserving the ‘way things were.

Pintupi 9 is a vision of many but the hard work of Steve Grimley, former head winemaker of Red Heads Studio and now heads up Loom Wines & his personal label Stamford & Clark. Steve grew up in the Barossa Valley but has a much larger wine viewpoint having worked for many years in France and South Africa. He has taken classic Australian varieties and incorporated some old world charm through rarely used varieties.

Cabernet and Shiraz have been blended together for generations in Australia. Chenin Blanc dropped in? Not so much, but why not? Cabernet Sauvignon brings structure and tannin, ripe Shiraz highlights texture and fruit and the Chenin Blanc brightens aromatics and adds acidity and elegance. Côte Rotie has traditionally used Viognier to stabilize color and add floral notes, Chenin Blanc here is just a little riff on that...sort of.


Bright ruby. Lively aromas of red berries, cherry, cracked pepper and dried herbs. Spicy and precise on the palate, offering tangy red fruit flavors, picking up a bitter licorice quality and leaving red fruit notes behind. The Arneis is a barely noticeable, but important, tang to the wine keeping it lively and nervy.